Samsung DA-F60 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker coming…

13 Mar


Samsung has teased us with another new product with this YouTube video of their DA-F60 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re interested, you can tell Samsung and they’ll get you posted on the release date here >>> Samsung

It looks like it will compete with the Bose SoundLink in terms of what it will do, but will it have the sound quality? Time will tell…


Where to get your free giffgaff pay as you go sim card…

13 Mar

giffgaff banner


If you’re looking save some money on your mobile phone costs, look no further than giffgaff, the sim only pay as you go network which piggybacks the O2 network.

You can simply order your free giffgaff sim card only and you’ll be saving £££’s in no time at all.

So, where do I get a free giffgaff sim card I hear you ask?

Well, click the link below, enter your details and it will arrive in a couple of days by post, it’s that simple! Get yours here >>> Free giffgaff sim


Giffgaff vs mobile phone contract. Which is best?

6 Mar


With the Nexus 4 is available sim free and unlocked to use on all of the UK networks via Google Play, we’ve taken a look at whether the giffgaff virtual network which piggybacks  O2 transmitters is a viable option over paying a monthly mobile phone contract.

We think it is and here’s why!

You can buy the 16GB version of the Nexus 4 direct from Google Play for just £279.00 and combined with a giffgaff sim, you could save hundreds of pounds over a typical 24 month contract.

Lets’ say you’re a typical user of 250 minutes, 1GB of mobile data and 250 texts you could insert a giffgaff sim and pay no more than £10 per month.  So with the cost of the Nexus 4 (£279) and £10 per month, that equates to £21.63 per month over 24 months.

You also, own the phone and aren’t tied in to any contracts, so if your circumstances change, you can change your mind about how you use your phone!

Is this one of the best pay as you go deals available right now?

Is printing photographs’ a thing of the future?

5 Mar


Remember the original Polaroid camera where you could take a snap and print it out instantly and wave it in the air for a few minutes to develop? Well, it seems technology may come full circle as Socialmatic plan to release a new, digital but updated version of this old school gadget.

Although not affiliated with Instagram, the camera looks very Instagram-esque and allows the user to add filters, again like Instagram before printing.

Will this take off, again? Time will tell…

Now you can Bump from mobile to PC

3 Mar



If you’ve ever used the App “Bump” on your Android or iPhone, you’ll know how easy it is to transfer files, pictures, video, etc from one smartphone to another.

Well, now you can do exactly the same thing with your PC.  Transferring files from your mobile to your computer has never been easier.  Simply download the App from Google Play or the App Store and visit the Bump website, enable location sharing and instead of bumping, in the traditional sense, bump your phone as normal while pressing the space bar on your computer to initiate the transfer.

It’s as simple as that! Your chosen file, picture or video will magically transfer to your PC.

Apple iPhone 5 camera with purple lines on screen

28 Feb

My girlfriends iPhone 5 went a bit wonky recently displaying vertical purple lines down the screen when using the camera function.

She managed to screenshot around four instances and saved them to the gallery for proof.  An appointment was made online to visit an Apple Genius Bar to look over the problem and hopefully fix it.

One look at the screenshots and Edd, the genius bar representative suggested a replacement, brilliant customer service!

All in all we were in there about 15 minutes in total and were overwhelmed with the level of customer service and how easy the whole process was.

Fair play to Apple and credit where credit is due.  Service like this has serious clout when considering which new smartphone to go for!

Wireless charging from LG

26 Feb


If you’ve recently bought the new Nexus 4 smartphone, you might want to take advantage of the wireless charging capability.  Well, now you can with this neat little gadget from, guess who, LG, the maker of the Nexus 4.

Simply place your mobile phone on the 6.9cm diameter charging pad and voila, your phone will be charged without the need to connect it to your normal USB type device.